For me, image creation is more important from a purely aesthetic point of view, than the tools that a an image is created with.

I have worked with everything from small "point and shoot" cameras up to the Mamiya RZll D and 645 AFDlll with Phase One digital back, P45 +. And a 4X5 camera is still with me some times.

Today I work mainly with the Hasselblad V system, the Flexbody and the 903SWC Camera with both the CFV50C digital back and film backs. Also the Fuji X-Pro 2 system is part of my process

Some images on this site are taken with a camera converted to take infrared pictures

Many of the images shown here is taken with the Mamiya 6 and the 903SWC on different analog 120-film, both color and black and white.

In the fall of -16 I did move to the south of Sweden to the costal landscape of Blekinge. As a consequence of this I no longer have an extensive darkrom or room for my previuse printers like the Canon iPF8300 printer. Now I just have a small Canon Pro 1000 printer for small prints and test prints. Larger prints is now made by third party companies.

And maximum size now of negative is 4X5. It is mostly B/W film now that I develop my self

For studio photos, I have studio equipment from Elinchrom for both studio and location photo, among others the Ranger Quadra lightning system